Processing HDR Photos

Here is some information about how I make my HDR photos. Basically I have a few steps when I make HDR, here they are:

When we were together! @  マヤカン

1. First of all, I shoot 3 exposures in RAW mode, -2, 0, +2 (might change these sometimes to narrower range, or if I have time might go to 5 or more, but usually I’m doing it with 3). Always in RAW mode, I tried it with JPEGs but it makes difference.

2. Second, when I go to the post process, first I blend the 3 exposures by using Photomatix, I’ve been mainly using the 3 version, but recently they released 4, which is also giving different results, and sometimes quite different from 3. Anyway I’m not using the Photomatix to finalize the photo, but only to blend the RAW files. Although sometimes I’m tempted to play with the sliders in the software I just don’t do it.
After it process the 3 images and give me the HDR image, I save it as a 16bit TIFF file, not in JPEG, and then going to the next step with photoshop!

3. After finishing the upper steps which just prepare the image I’m playing with, I open it in Camera Raw plugin of Photoshop, and there is the main part for my process of HDRs. I have some presets I have saved and used before, but even applying them to the particular image, every photo is different and still needs a bit more tweaks.

4. And to finalize the photo, I open the file I edit it with Camera Raw in Photoshop, and fix it there if there is anything else that needs to be done, or there are small details that need to be deleted or whatever. Basically in the upper steps I’m doing the global adjustments, in this step I concentrate on the local adjustments!

That’s my usual workflow for HDR! I would be happy if you share how you are dealing with HDRs in the comments, or if you leave any comment about it too!

Here are some more images, you can click on each of them to view it on my Flickr account with more information about it!

Temple @ Amagasaki 長遠寺 Seoul, South Korea Kt@Mayakan
Kt@Mayakan / マヤカン Otaru, Hokkaido
And it all starts again... (Sunrise in Kobe) Maya Hotel, 摩耶観光ホテル、マヤカン、廃墟

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