My Flickr Tips! How about yours?

My Flickr Tips! How about yours?
Flickr is one of the most famous photo sharing services in the world. You can see many photographers’ works on it, and get feedback of your work as well. It’s easy to use, but I think there are other things that many people don’t know, and might be very useful if they are used. Here are a bit of my Flickr tips, I would be happy is you share yours too in the comments! I posted them to my homepage some time ago here: CLICK, and now I thought I can put them here! And also you can check my profile on Flickr here: Ilko Allexandroff on Flickr!

1. Portfolio Set!

 To view my PORTFOLIO set: CLICK HERE! As you can see on the image I uploaded, I make a portfolio set, I often use when I want to show someone only the photos that really show me best. I put 21 photos in the set, why is that? Well, the thing is that I like to use the “Detail” view, not the Thumbnails, just because it looks much more clear and I also want to show the photos in only 1 page, so if I put more than 21, the Flickr set will be separated in 2 pages!

2. Flag Counter Tool

 I love that, it’s showing you how many unique views you have from each country, you can see mine in the first comment I have on each photo. You just need to create your Flag Counter Code from the Flag Counter Website, and insert it in the first comment under each photo you upload, and in the comment section of your sets. Then it’s gonna count for you your viewers and give you the idea how many people and from where are they checking your Flickr Page. (I think you can’t use it if you don’t have the Pro Account)

3. Pro Account

 This is really one of the best purchases I’ve had by now, and the Flickr Pro Account really deserves it’s money! And the best thing you have with the pro account is the Stats! It’s really fun to see how many people are checking your photos daily, which of your photos are they checking, and where do they get linked to your profile from You have the full referals list, so you know which of your social networks services actually contribute to your Flickr Account.

4. Using Social Network Sites

 Using Social Network Sites to refer to your Flickr Account, I do that quite often! Anytime I upload some new photos to Flickr, I past the link to some of them at my Facebook personal account, Facebook Page, Twitter, Mixi etc.

5. Flickr Uploader App

 Well, that’s how I’m uploading my photos to Flickr! Flickr have the Flickr Uploader software, and if you haven’t tried it by now, make sure you do it! You can customize your upload batch, add descriptions, keywords to your photos, add them to sets and with just one click everything is gonna be uploaded, clean and organized to your account!

6. Rearange your Photostream

 Sometimes you upload a bunch of photos, and maybe they are not the best phtos to represent your work, but they will be on the top of your photostream and everybody who check it at that time for the first time they will see those photos. If you don’t want that to happen, especally when you know many people will check your page at some time, then why don’t you rearrange your first photostream photos, and put there your best work? How to do that? It’s quite simple! Just go to the “Organize & Create” Section, select the top photos you want the people to see in your photostream, and just change the “Upload date” so they will be the newest uploaded, respectively the photos everyone who check your page will see first!

7. Interesting Photos by …

 Interesting Photos by … tool Now here is one of my favorite tips, please check it out, because it will help you understand what kind of photos actually someone you don’t really know well is taking! For example this is how the tool will show you my most interesting photos: Ilko Allexandroff’s Most Interesting Photos
Imagine you see a nice new photo, you don’t know the author, but you want to know if they have some other nice photos, or you wanna see their most interesting photos with only one click! Then I would advice you to go and check this out Interesting Photos By…, and follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen how to add this to your bookmarks, and when you do that, believe me it’s gonna be one of your most important bookmarks!

8. Add Photo Description!

 Well, I do that for every photo I upload, and never leave that field blank! I like to insert the strobist info of my photos, and I’m happy if people find it useful, and make them come back to my page and see more photos!

9. Be social!

 You you see a good photo, compliment the author! This might give you some really good contacts, and I already have many people that I can ask for honest opinion for some of my photos or get a good feedback from! Also there are so many people you can learn from, so never stop looking at other people’s good work!

I might be missing something, so maybe I’ll add something more later, and please share your tips on using flickr too! 😉

Feel free to write to our e-mail anytime for questions, or also you can leave a comment below and we will make sure to reply!

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2 responses to “My Flickr Tips! How about yours?

  1. Hi guys, it’s pretty cool to be able to see exif data on images without having to go to the details page. On Chrome I use an extension called Exif Viewer that puts the info just below the picture on the main picture page. I also use an extension called Patr that uses a black themed bkg for flickr (among other tweaks).

  2. Hey guys, I use the Chrome extensions Patr and Exif Viewer. Patr uses a dark bkg theme for flickr (among other tweaks) and the viewer puts the EXIF info at the bottom of pics for easy viewing. HTH!

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