Useful Gear: Bungee Cords

Every photographer have their way of organizing their gear, today I will talk about one small thing I never go on a photoshoot without. This little think is saving me in many situations, so today  I will just mention a couple of the situations I’m using them! Actually there many many more but, so this is gonna be just a teaser to the other features of the bungees, I will upload them soon on my journal, stay tuned to it, I will also update this article when I’m ready with the other things!

So… what am I gonna talk about! Here it is, it’s my precious Bungee Cords! For every photoshoot I have, I will have a bunch of them!

The bungee cords:

I am using the bungees in really a lot of situations when I want to attach something to something, and in many cases they even replace my tripods and flash stands! In this article I will include only one figure, but apart from that they save in many situations! In the figure below I have included some of the ways I’m using them, and believe me this is just a little part of them!

Here you can see how useful they are if for example you need to attach one more flash to your umbrella, or even put a flash on the fence behind the model, or basically everywhere where you can rope them. In some cases I have even attached a few flashes to one umbrella when I need extra power!

Here are some simple examples of the ways I’m using the bungee cords:

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