Shooting it: Bubbles

Here we go with another setup information article from me! This time I will talk about one shot I did last year with some bubbles! We did this shoot in a place very close to Osaka, and we were lucky to have that nice blue sky!

I am doing a section with setup information on my homepage as well, so feel free to check my journal there with a lot of other articles, here is the link:

So, talking about this shot, I’m using a one light setup for it. My main light was a Canon 580EXII flash used with a 80×60 softbox, set left high from the model. We have been wondering what to do with the bubbles, and figured out that the easiest way to get a good  stream of them was to get a machine for bubbles. So the question when we started shooting was…where to put it! And actually on the photo behind the model there is an assistant who is doing great job, and staying invisible!

So here is the setup from the shot with all the details in it:

Strobist info:

Canon 580EXII with a Shoot-through Umbrella – Camera Left (Up)
Triggered by Pocket Wizard II Plus
Assistant with bubbles machine behind her

photographer: Ilko Allexandroff , assistant: Ken Isaka

One more thing here was that we had some direct sunlight behind me while I was shooting, which was also having some influence on the final result. And it was just bright enough to be able to sync the flashes at 1/200 sec. You can see all the settings information, and other behind the stage things on the setup shot above, please check it out!

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