Shooting it: Silhouette Player

My next article will be for a shot I took on a live assignment in Kobe a few months ago! I really loved how this photo turned out to be at that time!

I am doing a section with setup information on my homepage as well, so feel free to check my journal there with a lot of other articles, here is the link:

It ia s very very simple one light setup, and for the whole event I’ve had a couple of flashes set up at the walls, put on different channels, so I can switch from the camera Pocket Wizard which flash I want to use. And then I noticed that angle, looked like something nobody else on the event would be able to capture, as it was my lighting set up on the walls 😉 I crawled next to the player, set my camera at some pretty slow shutter speed, (this shot was 1/6 sec) and started snapping while I get a shot I was pleased with!

So here is the setup from the shot with all the details in it:

Strobist info:

Nikon SB-26 on the wall behind the guy
Triggered by Pocket Wizard II Plus

photographer: Ilko Allexandroff 

I am using a Bungee cord to attach the flash to the wall. Shooting with such slow shutter speed would usually make your photograph blurry, but in the case it’s the flash impulse, not the shutter speed the one who freeze the action in the photo! Also when I’ve been shooting I was swirling my camera around to be able to get the motion from the lights around the sax player! If you click on the image you will be able to see it on my Flickr Account!

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