Shooting it: Two lights setup !

Hello everyone !

Long time passed since we started this blog and we had a long time off. We were busy collecting materials, testing different equipment and different light setups. That was the reason why we disappeared for so long time. The following article is just a tiny part of what we can share with you, our readers.

I am going to start with simple yet interesting setup so you can enjoy testing it and trying to receive the same effect or create your own variation. I’ve been using a very simple lighting scheme and two modifiers. The first modifier is a 60×60 cm foldable softbox which is perfect for a small scale prouction and very handy since you can fold it and put it in a small bag so you can travel with it anywhare you want. Many famous brands are offering different variations of the same softbox some with dual diffusion and some with single. The thing is that you can put a different types of diffusion fiber in different forms but I’ll write a different article for the modifiers later where I’ll explain the variantions and functionality of those gadgets.

A week ago I was wondering and searching for a new idea and a new spot yet I wasn’t very enthusiastic going outside in the cold. A friend of mine called and told me that he wants a few photos for their new music campaign presenting different perfomers in differetn styles. I said Ok and we’ve arranged a meeting despite the cold weather. I was surprised when I saw him with a thin leather jacket and a thin cloth under. The weather was like BRRRRRRRRR cold :). I’ve made the setup and in the meantime I saw him shaking already. We started laughing and shoot in a hurry trying to prevent him from freezing.

So this is the scheme I’ve done:


And this is the result:


The time that you need to create exactly this setup is no more that 4-5 minuties. If you’re shooting a perfeormer and you want some sort of dramatic result you can use that setup as another ace in your sleeve. Sometimes we dont have any time to create complex light scheme and if you are shooting for a client the time is critical component. You better have a backup plan.

Your key light could be a simple shootthru ubrella or a simple reflector and even bare speedlight. It is up to you what you are going to put in front of your subject. The back light could be a small aluminum deep reflector (as in my case) or again bare speedlight or any other small modifier. Actually at the end you can manage with whatever you have. I wont start to explain foundations of lighting or the properties of light. I presume that you know that already.

Intentionally I wont explain any more further because I want to trigger your curiosity. Ask your questios in the comments below.

Oggy Dimitrov


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