Ognyan Dimitrov

The photography itself contains three main elements :

1. The light.

2. The idea.

3. The moment.

It is up to you to choose how to use them 🙂

Being a retouch and pre-press specialist for the last 7 years I think that my experience would be useful to all of you out there who are trying to create a personal style of their photos using different software.

For the last few years I am also a freelance photographer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

I like to shoot almost everything and everyone (using my camera, not a gun :D).

The greater the challenge, the more is the fun.

I love to have rich black color in my work. I don’t know why…just I do.  I feel that it brings more drama especially in my composites.  But it doesn’t mean that I don’t change the styles from time to time.

Someday I would love to make a step into fashion photography someday if I have a chance because I think that it will be the most challenging step that I ever did regarding my photography.

The path is long but I’m willing to walk .

I hope that everything that I post will be useful for all of you !

My portfolio : http://odimitrov.daportfolio.com/

My flickr photostream : http://www.flickr.com/photos/fistfulofstones/


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