Ten minutes photoshoot

I was walking in the park along with one of my friends who just bought Nikon 3100. He asked me to show him some stuff about photography and we went to the nearest park place for a few snapshots but ……. I saw those guys with the bikes and asked them to make a few moves so I can take some photos. We had to leave soon and I had only 10 minutes to search for a better location and make the setup. I ran almost few hundred meters and I’ve found a high place. After 4 minutes the light was ready and we started. I told my friend to go and take a video of the process knowing that he really doesn’t know how to operate the camera yet he managed to take a minute long footage which appeared to be almost useful 🙂 Well.. we did what we could ! Have fun !

This is the lighting diagram which shows the simple setup. I was happy that my single flash unit managed to act as a fill against the strong sunlight which actually caused total nightmare regarding the video footage that we took. I didn’t bring the rig platform that I have so the video output appeared awful but still useful enough.

a simple setup with a single flash and diffusing umbrella

To be more specific I’ve made a short simple video of what we did there. You can watch it right now 🙂

Have fun and don’t forget to show us what you do with single flash !

Oggy Dimitrov




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